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Products > RFID Tags

Oscilent offers a collection of compact and small form factor generic tags crafted from the specially tuned ceramic bodies that enable the tags with superior sensitivity and ambient-immune readability.

Gem designs are categorized into families. Opal, Topaz, Jasper, Amber, Marble, Slate and Barite. Each has its own unique form-factors, and special characteristics. Choose gem based on size (Opal and Topaz), bandwidth and radiation angle (Amber and Jasper), and gems to achieve long distance and higher sensitivity (Marble and Slate).

Protocol: EPC C1G2 (ISO 1800-6C)
Frequency Range: 902~928 MHz (US); 866~868 MHz (EU)
Memory: 512-bit user; 64-bit TID; 96-bit EPC
Read Rate: 400 tags per second for 96-EPC bit number
Write Cycles: 100,000 at 25°C
Data Retention: 50 Years
Package Rating: IP68
Operating Temperature: -40~+85°C
Application Temperature: -40~+150°C
IC Type: Alien H3/Impinj M3, N4, M4QT, M5

* Avg Read Range @4W EIRP (m)
** Custom features available

Part Number Gem Size (mm) Avg Read* Weight (g) Type (mm)
1011-0606-A Opal 6x6x3 1.8 0.58 Paint
1011-0505-A Opal 5x5x3 1.5 0.40 Paint
1011-0505-D Opal 5x5x3 2.0 - Bolt
1011-050502-A Opal 5x5x2 1.0 0.28 Paint
1012-1002-A Topaz 10x2.5x2.5 2.0 0.24 Paint
1012-100202-A Topaz 10x2.0x2.5 1.8 0.20 Paint
1013-1407-A Jasper 14x7x3 3.5 2.7 Paint
1013-1005-A Jasper 10x5x3 3.0 1.4 Paint
1013-1005-B150805 Jasper 10x5x3 4.0 1.9 Plastic 15.5x8.8x5
1013-1005-E Jasper 10x5x3 1.2 - Clamp
1014-2309-A Amber 23x9x3 5.0 3.3 Paint
1014-2509-B411305 Amber 25x9x3 7.0 4.3 Plastic 41x13.5x5.6
1014-2010-A Amber 20x10x3 4.0 3.2 Paint
1015-3030-A Marble 30x30x3 7.0 14.0 Paint
1015-3030-F463306 Marble 30x30x3 10.5 17.0 Plastic 46x33.8x6.5
1015-3030-C826606 Marble 30x30x3 6.0 - Plate 82x66x6
1015-2525-A Marble 25x25x3 6.0 10.0 Paint
1015-2020-A Marble 20x20x3 5.0 6.5 Paint
1016-8554-A Slate 85x54x1.5 20.0 4.0 Paint
1016-855400-A Slate 85x54x0.7 20.0 3.6 Paint
1017-1515-C603507 Barite 15x15x4 3.0 - Plate 60x35x7.5
1017-1515-D Barite 15x15x5.5 2.0 - Bolt
1018-1309-A Period 13x9x3 4.0 1.8 Paint
1018-1309-B161204 Period 13x9x3 4.0 1.6 Plastic 16x12x4
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